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Storm Eagle Gep’s Big Bear’s „Sparta”


Sparta góry

Polish Champion
Polish Junior Champion
born 27.11.2009
HD - A
LPN 1 N/N free
height: 71 cm (27,9 inches)
weight: 53 kg (112,4 pounds)



Sparta is a typical Leonberger, she has a wonderful nature, is sweet and playful, yet incredibly stable and predictable. She loves to have fun both with people and other dogs. She enjoys travelling and can be taken anywhere without difficulty (please visit our photo gallery).

She has won the hearts of all the family members and neighbours.

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The comments of the judges from the dog shows official documents:
Willy Gullix: "The expressive, harmonious, proportional, typical head, strong bite, strong muscled neck, spine strong, correct thoracic, good jumping limb bones, proper angulation, light and steady movement, coat neat and well maintained"
Guido Perosino: "Very feminine, very good angulation, proportional, musceled neck, head in good expression, dark eyes, correct growth"
Magdalena Kozłowska: „ An elegant and typey bitch, excellent proportions, beautifully chiselled head, very good back, correct movement, dynamic action, perfect coat".
Piotr Król: „Beautiful head, noble neck, perfectly outlined body, graceful movement".
Andrzej Szutkiewicz: „Typey, back and good underline, correct movement, good coat, lovely temperament, correct angulation".
Maria Bruska: „Typey, with bitchy head, proper back and underline.
Viva Maria Soleckyj – Szpunar: „Beautiful head, free movement, straight back, proper underline, well-set ears
Wanda Kotik: „Beautifully balanced, with bitchy and expressive head, good back and underline, good front
Robert Mroczko: „Very good proportions, beautiful and typey head, excellent angulation, very good movement".
Iwona Matuszewska: „Perfectly chiselled head, proportional body, correct angulation of fore and hind legs".
Andrzej Kot: „Bitch with strong bones, correct proportions, nice bitchy head, excellent back and underline, proper coat and colour".
Csaba Pestko: „Beautiful bitch, strong bone, strong head, well-placed ears, nice coat".
Jan Gajewski; „Proportionally built, good back, very good stack, free movement".
Per Kr Andersen: „Very good type, good proportions, feminine, well-cut head, correct bite, good neck and back, moving freely, nice temper, beautiful colour".
Anna Nalazek: „Well-built, properly chiselled head, correct back and underline, very good in action, correct angulation".