Litter A: Music

Litter A: Music

         February 20th, 2013, the puppies from litter "Music" ended 6 months.

Females have a height of 65 cm to 68 cm and a weight of 30 kg to 35 kg. Males have a height of 70 cm to 73 cm and a weight of 38 kg to 45 kg. All puppies are developing very well, congratulations and thank you to all the owners. 4 puppies have taken part in exhibitions in baby class, all of the deposit 1 and the highest grade.



Storm Eagle Gep’s Big Bear’s


Bono Psia Psota


born 27.11.2009
Father: Peace Gep’s Big Bear’s
Mother: Bellezza Italiana Gep’s Big Bear’s
HD-A, LPN 1 N/N free
height: 71 cm, weight: 53 kg


born 01.07.2008
Father: Juhaszvari Kedves Baldur
Mother: Otylia Ligocka Wataha
HD-A, LPN 1 N/N free
height: 77 cm, weight: 65 kg

Polish Champion
Polish Junior Champion
1 x res. CACIB
4 x BOB
1 x Best female
5 x Youth Winner
3 x Winner
1 x Best Junior

Polish Champion
Polish Junior Champion
Polish Junior Winner 2009
Champion of Champions Leszno 2011
2 x res. CACIB
10 x CWC/CAC
9 x BOB
8 x Best male
3 x Youth Winner
3 x Junior Winner
1 x Best of Group II
1 x Best in Show

PEDIGREE: Click here

PEDIGREE: Click here

We were looking for suitable male for our Storm Eagle over a year. Our female represents the Swedish lines, and therefore we looked for a male with good origin in Poland. In the end we chose Bono because of his beauty / appearance, beautiful and expressive movement and a very good character.

Bono & Storm Eagle

August 20th, 2012 we had birth of 11 beautifull puppies; 4 girls and 7 boys ... We invites you all to see photos :)

"MUSIC" LITTER - Pedigree 

Storm Eagle Gep's Big Bear's HD A LPN1 N/N Gep's Big Bear's Peace HD A ED 0 LPN1 N/N Teamaides Exquisite Eeyore HD A ED O Teamaides Baksluge Baron HD A ED 0
Remrod's Moya Gracillis HD UA ED 0
Gep's Big Bear's Baby's In Black HD A ED 0 Don Alfonso N18082 HD A ED 0
Gep's Big Bear's Her Majesty HD UA ED 0
Gep's Big Bear's Belezza Italiana HD A ED 0 Andreius LOI 01/132420 HD B Sandokhan v. Welland HD A
Antique LOI99/100223
Gep's Big Bear's Act Naturally HD A ED 0 Leonitian Ystava Hyva HD A ED 0
Gep's Big Bear's Two of Us HD UA ED 0
Bono Psia Psota HD A LPN1 N/N Juhaszvari - Kedves Baldur Alf v. Orsy-Sy-Haus HD A1 Aquino-Zep Löwe v. Vogtland HD A2
Banja v. Sissy-Haus HD B
Kiserdei Vanda HD A Ursus uit't Berggat HD A ED 0
Kiserdei Quira HD A2
Otylia Ligocka Wataha HD A ED 0 Orlando v.d. Osnitz Nelson v. Haus Schluter HD A2
Lulu v.d. Osnitz HD A2
Genesis Ligocka Wataha HD A Aschby Zaricke udoli
Aksamitka Ligocka Wataha HD A


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Storm Eagle & Bono

  Już jesteśmy po ...             Bono Psia Psota at the show